– The Molleos 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee –


The Molleos.com 30-Day Guarantee protects you when you purchase items through our website. Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of your items. If either is unsatisfactory, you can report the problem to us and our team will determine if you are eligible for a refund or item replacement.

You may be eligible to request a refund under the Molleos Guarantee if any of the following apply:

  1. You have not received your package and 7 days have passed since the maximum estimated delivery timeframe.
  2. You received your item in poor condition(damaged/defective).
  3. You received your item and it does not meet your expectations.
  4. You received an order that is different than advertised.
  5. You have requested a return with Molleos.com.
  6. You returned your item with a trackable shipping method and we have yet to issue you a refund.

Note: You must contact Molleos.com directly in order for us to be able to grant you your 30-day guarantee.
To contact Molleos.com:
1. Send a direct e-mail to support@molleos.com
2. Go to our Help and Contact page and contact us from there.

To check your eligibility, please read the full page.

Note: You have up to 30 days after the maximum estimated delivery date to request a refund under the Molleos 30-day Guarantee.

Note: The Molleos Guarantee does not cover digital items, payments for services, stored value instruments. Additionally, if you file a chargeback with your payment provider or bank, you will not be eligible for a refund under the Molleos.com Guarantee and might be permanently suspended from shopping on our website.

Note: If you file a Chargeback with your payment provider or bank – we might put a permanent suspension on your account and you won’t be able to shop our website anymore.

  • Customer chargebacks are not tolerated under no circumstances and filing them may result in a permanent suspension from browsing our website.
    To avoid that, please contact Molleos Customer Support for any issue that you may be experiencing. Our well-trained team will help you in resolving any issue that you may have.

You will not be eligible for our 30-day guarantee if:

  1. If we notice frequent abuse of the 30-day guarantee we will discontinue granting you the guarantee.
  2. If 30 days have passed since you received your product and you request a refund through the 30-day guarantee.

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